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My Supanova Sunday Witch Lolita Coord

Hat: AATP Merry Making In The Ghost Town Witch Hat
Necklace: AATP Black Cat Witch and Apple Tree Necklace
OP: AATP Black Cat Witch and Apple Tree Op in Navy
Tights: Offbrand black glitter tights
Shoes: Offbrand winkle picker inspired shoes.
Bag: Demonia bat bag

Bat love, by me

One of my own photos from last weekend in Stockholm! (Hagaparken)

I made a custom bowl for my “brain cocktail” this year, I have a couple more photos on my blog as well :3

Halloween Infographic

I didn’t know these people died on Halloween. River Phoenix and Houdini…interesting stuff.

Classic pumpkin illustration by me! (Julia Hedman)

T-shirt available for halloween!

High quality screen print, tri-blend.

Designed by @trzown | Kirk Wallace

vintage inspired black cat graphics

Finger licking good 

I found this while grocery shopping today. The time of year is nearly upon us.

accidentally broke the nose off during the mod so i improvised…zipper face!!!!

Paperfork: This is the creepiest shit… :S

Here is my tattoo of a haunted house! Done by Kim Saigh at Memoir tattoo.