Poltergeist (1982)


Poltergeist (1982)

This happened around four months ago in Vancouver, B.C Canada. It was around midnight, my mother was sleeping and my dad was out working. As usual, it was me laying back on my bed with my big dopey labrador, Smeagle. 

There has always been a paranormal element in my family. My mother had a rather horrifying experience in her youth, and I’d been feeling presences and seeing things since a young age. It had never really scared me since the figures I’d seen had not been threatening; they shocked me at first, but now I’d grown used to it. I’d only asked them to give me a sign that they were there first, as to avoid fear. 

Anyway, so I was watching TV and trying to sleep when I heard footsteps downstairs. It took me two seconds to break it down in my mind; there was no clanging or the garage door opening signaling the return of my dad, or the front door opening, or my mother’s door. It was a spirit, most likely. I sat still and just closed my eyes to sleep, ignoring the uneasy feeling in my chest at first. 

But it kept going. Across the hardwood floor- clump, clump, clump. I opened my eyes and the first thing I noticed- with a jolt- is that my usual dopey, laid back dog was standing on my bed and staring at my door with a laser-like focus. His hackles were raised, head low. He looked like he wanted to growl but couldn’t. His tail was up. I sat up and he paid no attention to me as the footsteps continued. Something wasn’t right….

A warm, hot feeling of fear washed over my body. I hadn’t felt that until my first experience with the paranormal. I felt unhinged- like it could be in my room. But then the footsteps got harder and weaved around my house.

I looked at the alarm clock sitting next to my bed. One A.M. The footsteps moved to the living room- slowly. Two A.M. The thing moved through the bottom floor of the house- then the clumps of the footsteps softened. 

I looked at my dog to see he’d changed again. He was laying down at my side, whimpering loudly. The footsteps were coming up the stairs, closer now. It had been three hours and it had felt like three minutes- what had come over me!? I force my jelly-legged body to stand up and I grab the doorknob. Yes, it was winter, but that doorknob was icy. I turned the doorknob- there was a step outside the door. 

No fear… I swing the door open and look at a dark, pitch-black figure and can’t shout. Its like my voice was taken away. Then my mother opened her door and saw the figure too, which fell away at her gaze. She turned to me and hugged me closely, then we went and slept in her room with Smeagle. 

The figure’s activity has grown more active, but we still live in the house. We believe it to be a poltergeist.


Kat  submitted:


This is a true story and happened in Arizona, El Mirage. Well I babysat three children my Brothers friend G who was 12 at the time, his 5 year old Brother A, and the 3/4 year old girl M I noticed weird little things like M would go off by herself and talk to thin air or hide in the closet from her “Friend” I thought you know maybe this is normal kid stuff. One night I was going up the stiars and something pushed my back making me fall forward I turned around thinking it was one of the kids nope no one was there. I got uneasy feeling because the Mom had told me a few times weird things kept happening around house.

I went back down stairs and their heavy glass table that I could barely move had been moved all kids were upstairs I got scared and checked all doors and windows everything was locked. They all were asleep so I was alone and was there until a little after 2 a.m I was sitting on couch reading and I kept feeling like someone was walking around behind me where the back door was I turned around thinking it was a kid and said go back to bed and no one was there so I moved to other couch with their dog after a few mins it felt very cold and like someone was watching me their dog started crying and sat up and was looking around I kept seeing things move out of corner of my eye and finally they came home I was happy to leave and a few weeks went by and they went out of town and I was with my friend, Brother, and his friend.

I maybe older but, we all were very close. Well the lights in the house kept turning on and off and we saw a little girl running around house and she kept going into Ms room and turning the lights on and off no one was there period. We all watched for maybe 5 mins and got scared and went into Brothers friends house. When they got home things were moved around in house and everything was locked. Needless to say I never babysat again. They moved and the house has been set on fire. No one knows how or who set it on fire. I think it was whatever is in the house and it is mad and sad they’re gone. I hope whoever moves in there next is ready to play.

When I was 10 years old i had to live with my grandmother for a while because my parents were to busy with work to take care of me but they would still see me when they can. Well my grandmother lived in a old 2 story house . I was on the second floor and because she couldnt go up the stairs anymore she was in the guest bedroom . Well i stayed there for a week and nothing really happened . But one night when i got out of the shower i noticed the closet door opened and i never just leave it open because i was terrified of closets and attics , but i just shut it like nothing happened . But that night when i went to sleep i heard a loud creeking noise and i saw the closet opening but there was no body there

. I just pulled my covers over my head and eventualy went to sleep. But since then every night the closet would open. Even if i put a chair in front of it i would just wake up with the chair sat next to the door and the closet still opened. Well eventually i told grandma and she said that i could just sleep with her that night . Well when i was laying there i felt a bit safer at first but after a while i heard footsteps upstairs and i heard them go down the stairs and stop infront of grandmas door. I turned on the light and told my grandma but she opened the door and there was no one there. The next day i told her about everything going on and how scared i was .

She told me that shes heard things too but she just ignored them. After a week my parents got me to take me back home. When i was packing my things up stairs I walked down stairs and i remember me closeing the closet door behind me but when i came back up it was open . After that i just grabed my things and ran outside and said lets go . I still go there now and again to visit my grandma but i never stay the night or go upstairs.

Last night I accidentally bumped my bed-side table while climbing into bed, cause a glass of water to fall and break. Since I was tired and too lazy to get up in the dark and clean it, I left it for the morning. Later that night I woke up to scratching noises across the floor but decided to ignore them and return to my awesome dream. This morning I sat up in bed to find the mess still there, but different. There was a trail of water leading under my bed as if the glass had moved and the water leaked with it. looking in the other side I found the glass on the edge on my bed (there is a frame around my mattress about 4 inches wide and 6 inches from the floor; it was sitting in this). I was pretty freaked out but told myself it was our pet ferret since she is always dragging things under my bed… but I knew I had put her in her cage at night and my door was shut.

The Witches of Liverpool

the witches of liverpool

It has been documented that poltergeist activity often centers around girls and young women. For some reason, their particular energy stimulates this psychic phenomenon. And when a houseful of women are gathered, it’s possible that their combined energy can produce some remarkable poltergeist psychokinesis. At least, that’s one theory. Or was it some kind of spirit activity that plagued Jennifer, her two sisters, and their mother? This is Jennifer’s story.

My father and grandfather both died in 1967 when I was four years old, leaving my mum with three girls under 13 to raise. We had a traditional residual haunting by my grandfather for many years after that, so I grew up in a “haunted house” in suburban Liverpool, NSW, Australia. We had both full-bodied apparitions and noises as experienced by us, friends, and neighbours (so we didn’t feel too crazy!), but it wasn’t until all of us girls had matured and I finally entered my teen years that we then moved into poltergeist activity as well.

My sisters and I now all live in different states, but I’ve concluded that we’re a bit like the Witches of Eastwick, and every time we three live under the same roof, trouble follows. The haunting peaked when we were younger, but when my much older sisters returned home from failed marriages and we were all together again… we weren’t disappointed. Furniture moved rearranged itself and things fell without cause – the “usual” poltergeist activity.


This activity peaked one night in 1977 when my eldest sister and my mum stayed up late to have a talk. Our house was built up high and ended in full-length French windows that overlooked the yard. One of the windows was a door that led to some steps down into the yard. As they sat at the dining room table talking, my elder sister, Wendy, heard something at the glass. Mum thought it may have been moths or something hitting the glass, so she drew the curtains.

Not long after that there was a loud bang. They got up and opened the curtains and had a look around, but there wasn’t anything to be seen. When they sat back down, there were more bangs on the glass and Mum told Wendy it was just kids and to ignore it. Wendy begged Mum to call her boyfriend to come over (we were a house full of women and children), but Mum looked at the bottle of whisky they’d been drinking and thought he’d make fun of them for being drunk! So she refused.

The bangs got worse and worse until they stopped, suddenly. Then there was noise in the driveway that ran down the side of the house. My mother described it as a swoosh, like when you flick a long baton or cane rod through the air, and then an impact on the foundations of the house. The women could feel the floor shake every time it hit. Mum said it was heavy like a chain being swung through the air. It passed around a heavily gated corner without pause and started along the brick work under the French windows. Neither dared look through the curtains. Mum climbed in the kitchen sink trying to look down through the window at what was going on, but it was too dark. The sound travelled along the back of the house, even changing tone when it moved from the brickwork of the foundation to the cement steps of the laundry door. They could hear it going toward the far end of the house.

All Mum could think was, “I cannot let this go all the way around the house.” So she ran out the front door, across the front lawn, and down the other side of the house to meet it. Our front lawn has prickles and Mum didn’t feel any of them in her bare feet! But now Wendy was screaming, so Mum ran back in again. Wendy was now across the other side of the house on the lounge, absolutely terrified. She told Mum that as soon as she left, the noise had doubled back and reasserted its attentions at the windows. Then, just as mysteriously as it had started, it stopped.

In the morning, there was dirt caking the back of the house. That was what had been hitting the house, but there was no source in our yard or neighbouring yards for this particular kind of caked clay dirt.

Little did we know this was only the first of three nights of this kind of activity.


The second event, a week later, took place when I was alone in the house. I had just got out of the shower when I heard the first bang. I was now 14 and I knew what it was. The poltergeist had returned. I made sure the curtains were closed and the back doors were locked; I tried to turn the TV up, but this was just too loud. I really started to get distressed and upset, and I started to pray.

Suddenly the phone rang. Uncharacteristically, Mum had felt like checking up on me, and I told her the ghost was there and to get home ASAP! As I hung up, my middle sister, Kerry, also had the same intuition to call, and I told her the same. Kerry got home first and put me to bed. The commotion was still going on in the backyard when my sister ran out and started abusing “it”. I was just worried that the neighbours would complain about the bad language!

Then I heard something at my bedroom window… trying to get in! It sounded like scratching and seemed that it was trying to open the wooden sashes. I couldn’t believe it and called to my sister. At the time she told me nothing was there and to calm down. It took her another 15 years for her to admit there was something at my window. She could see it, but she couldn’t tell that to a hysterical 14-year-old girl at the time.

Soon my Mum and her boyfriend were also home, the attack had stopped, and we all settled down.


A week later, we were all together watching TV when we heard the first bang. We waited for Mum’s boyfriend to react (because he thought we were a little crazy), so we felt a bit better when he heard it too. This time, however, there was safety in numbers and we weren’t afraid, just intrigued.

We all went down the stairs and searched the yard, though my two dogs snarled and barked at the top of the steps and refused to enter the yard. We all came back in the house and…bang! This activity was getting a bit boring now, and only Kerry and I stayed to watch it; everyone else had gone back to watching TV.

I noted that the dirt would appear out of the darkness into the light generated by the house. Even though our house was built up, the dirt came in a straight line, which seemed odd: for kids to be able to throw dirt in a straight line at these windows, they would have had to be 20 feet off the ground somewhere directly in line with these windows! As the dirt wasn’t the kind from ours or neighbouring yards, if it was kids, they were bringing their own dirt with them!

I knew the dogs in the neighbouring yards were outdoor dogs, and not particularly nice, and I certainly wouldn’t have been going through there in the dark. Also, when the dirt was peaking, it was hitting every second or two at times. How fast were these “kids”?

During an experiment (which scared my mother to half to death!) I had proved it was possible to throw dirt at the window, but for any accuracy you had to be close enough to be seen in the backyard lights, and we couldn’t see anyone within throwing distance because the area was illuminated.

Kerry and I pulled the curtains and went back to watching TV as well. The “thing” never came back… but that was the only time I was really scared of our ghost. 

So, It was the end of 2009, going into the beginning of 2010. We were renting a home at the time, and it was nearing christmas when the landlord decided they wanted to sell the house, meaning we would have to find a new one. It didn’t help matters that we also had a trip planned to Hawaii in a few days, but we ended up moving into our new house. It was a really nice, new, two story house in a really nice neighborhood, so everything seemed fine. We moved our stuff in, and then left for ten days to Hawaii. During that time, we had a friend watching over the house. When we arrived back home from our trip, this friend notified us of some strange things. That the alarm clock in my parents room would turn itself off every night. That the chair in my bedroom was found rolled away from the desk, and that my parents walk in closet was very cold. We didn’t pay it much mind, but it did freak us out a bit. Over the next few months, a lot of scary stuff began to happen. Of which, for some reason, only my dad, one of my friends, and I noticed. My mom didn’t hear it, and neither did my brother. I recall a night where I heard noises coming from the bathroom across the hall from my bedroom. It sounded like someone was opening and closing all the drawers repeatedly. I went to open my door, and as I reached for the nob, I heard a bang that made me feel whatever it was didn’t want me to leave the room, so I just ignored it. There were nights where my friend and I could hear banging noises downstairs. Not just typical banging. It sounded like someone was knocking over the huge cabinet in the dining room onto the wooden floor. It was SO loud. You could almost feel the vibration running through the walls. My dad told me he heard scratching on the ceiling above the living room, like something was trying to get through to my bedroom, which was above the living room. He and I could also hear footsteps on the downstairs floor, and going up and down the stairs. No harm was ever done to anyone in the house. It was just creepy enough to keep us all up at night. My mother, and little brother still don’t believe us to this day. They never heard a single thing. And I don’t understand how, because every night, it was so unreasonably loud.

Bloody Mary.

When I was little I lived at a house down the street from the house I live at now. I shared a room with my older sister. I was little at the time. I’d say about nine, or ten. My brothers room was right across the hall, and we would never sleep in our room unless our brother was home. He was older than us and we just felt safe that way. 

Well I was a very bizarre child. Always into ghosts, and things like that at such a young age, and for being a girl, it was kind of odd thinking back on it. I remember getting one of those Scary Stories books from my elementary school library, the ones with the creepy illustrations. An there was a page in the book about “Bloody Mary”. So of course my first thought, “TOTALLY HAVE TO DO IT”. It was around Halloween at this point and my sisters friends came over and we had this long mirror in our room. We followed the instructions in the book and they said to turn off all the lights, say Bloody Mary one hundred times, she will appear and if you get scared, turn on the lights, and the ghost will go back to where it came from. Well..we kept one light on. My sister and her friends did it, I backed out. Later that night, my sisters friend claimed she saw something in the mirror, and I was like ‘yeah, right, okay’. sister and I decided to sleep in the guest bedroom downstairs. 

My parents ended up going out to a party, and my brother stayed up to watch the house and us in case we woke up. My brother was seventeen at the time. He still remembers everything that happened to this day. We are dead asleep. We awake to my brother running into the guest bedroom, in TEARS, shaking us awake, yelling that he heard “banging noises” coming from upstairs. So we get out of bed, and go into the living room, and sat on the couch and waited to see if we heard anything. And there it was. Noises coming from upstairs. As if someone was beating on the walls with their fists, and knocking on all the walls at one time. 

I remember being so scared I plugged my ears and closed my eyes. It got so loud, it even went over the surround sound. My brother grabbed the phone and we all ran outside..and stood in the front yard. Standing in the front yard we could hear it from outside. We called my parents, they came home, and of course everything stopped. They made my brother sleep upstairs, and he said all night his stereo kept turning on by itself, he heard knocking noises coming from our room, and the next day, we threw the mirror away. As soon as we put the mirror in the garbage can..the garbage can fell over on it’s own and the mirror shattered. 

My cousin goes to a college in southern california that was once a mental hospital. I went with my aunt to go pick her up for the weekend for few years back. My aunt was telling me what it used to be and as we approached the school, we drove down a long gravel like road. That was freaky enough. It was night time when we went there and I just got an creepy feeling being there. I wanted to leave as fast as I could. It was well lit and there were people walking around so I didn’t feel so bad. So I go up to my cousins dorm with her where she shares it with 2 other girls. She was telling me about how one night at the beginning of the year, they woke up to the sound of one of the girls choking. The girl sat up and threw her hands around her throat as if she were trying to free herself. She was turning blue and then suddenly she gasped for air. She started screaming saying something with choking her. The girl called her mom and went home for a few days. She eventually returned to the room due to conflict of trying to go to another one. (My cousin is the type of girl who does not tell lies. I trust and believe her 100%) 

After she told me that story, my cousin wanted to give me a tour of the school. I was thinking, “Uh EFF no” but I had no choice. As we walked around to a darker side of the school, my cousin was telling me about how people hear noises in the basketball court, as if a game were going on, but no one is there. They see figures down the halls, including a black solid figure. My aunt and cousin wanted to go down a hall with no lights. I swear I saw something dark moving further down the hall. I pointed down  to where it was but it was gone. After that I pretty much ran to the car and was so happy to see the school in the rear view mirror.

This isn’t very scary but i just wanted to share. I actually happened like 10 minutes ago, and some of it happened last night. My girlfriend spent the night at my house the other night, we were seeing shadows and things in the hallway. Whenever i was away from my girlfriend everything is okay but when she gets near me and we cuddle i would hear growls, low and deep growls like something was very angry that she was that close to me. It was okay during the day time and she left everything was fine until today when me and my little sister started to talk about her. Then all of a sudden her hat flew across my room and now i am hearing those growls again. I don’t know what to do but i know i’m staying away from my closet.

From 1974 to 1987 in the town of West Pittston, Pennsylvania one of America’s most terrifying haunting’s took place. It was at the home of Jack and Janet Smurl; the case received wide attention in the media. Although the house went through three exorcisms and investigations by demonologists the entity refused to leave. The haunting’s were turned in to a book and later a movie both named “The Haunted”.

Jack and Janet Smurl had moved to West Pittston from Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania to escape the flooding damage left behind from hurricane Agnes in 1972. They moved into a duplex Jack’s parents had purchased, sharing the house with them. Jack and Janet and their two daughters, Dawn and Heather lived in one half, and Jack’s parents lived in the other. The house had been built in 1896, and was on a quiet street in a middle class neighborhood.

One if the daughters being attacked by an unseen force.

Both Jack and Janet had grown up in the area, meeting in 1967 and marrying in 1968. Jack served in the Navy, becoming a neuropsychiatric technician. Both the Smurl’s were raised in Catholic homes and had strong religious beliefs. They enjoyed living with Jacks’ parents and had no trouble sharing the duplex with them. The family did some remodeling and redecorating work on the house, settled into it, and Jack and Janet added twin girls Shannon and Carin to the family. The first 18 months on Chase St. were happy ones.

In January 1974, a year and a half after moving in, the atmosphere in the house began to change. It all started with the appearance of a stain on the new carpet. Several days later the television burst into flames. Then the events became more disturbing the newly fitted sink and bathtub were found severely scratched as if a large animal had clawed at them. Freshly painted woodwork in the bathroom also showed similar scratches.

In 1975, their oldest daughter Dawn repeatedly saw people “floating” around her bedroom. The paranormal activity in the house increased toilets would flush without anyone using them, footsteps would be continuously heard on the stairs, drawers would open and close on their own accord, radios would blare although they were unplugged and empty rocking chairs would mysteriously rock and creak as if someone were actually sitting in them. As time went on, they began to smell sour and vile smells throughout the house and on several occasions, Jack felt the touch of an unseen hand caress him.

These where moved by something unseen as someone or something began to put chairs ontop of other objects.

By January 1985 the poltergeist activity was no longer confined to Jack and Janet’s side of the Duplex. Jack parents, John and Mary were also subjected to frightening events. The house would become icy cold, and they would hear what appeared to be violent shouting on Jack and Janet’s side of the home, with abusive, foul language.

In February 1985 Janet heard her name being called while in the basement doing laundry, after searching for the unseen caller, she realized she had been alone the entire time. Two days later, in the kitchen the temperature dropped rapidly becoming icy cold, a black, human shaped form with no facial features appeared to Janet in the kitchen. It disappeared through the wall and appeared to Mary on the opposite side of the house. From that point on, the haunting activity increased in both frequency and magnitude.

Physical violence towards the family escalated, a large ceiling fan crashed down inches from Shannon, nearly killing her, on the night her now 13 year old sister Heather was to be confirmed into the Catholic religion. Janet was violently pulled off her bed after making love to her husband while he lay paralyzed, gagging from a foul odour. Even the pet German Shepherd was tormented, picked up and thrown repeatedly.

The Smurl family was growing frustrated and fatigued by the increasing paranormal activity. Ed and Lorraine Warren were contacted by Janet in 1986 for help. The Warren’s are well known psychical researchers and demonologists from Connecticut. The Warren’s claim to have investigated over 10,000 hauntings during their career. Ed and Lorraine Warren were among the very first investigators to investigate the Amityville haunting. Janet had heard about them, and in desperation asked them for help in spite of her skepticism.

The Warrens were accompanied by Rosemary Frueh, a registered nurse and psychic. They began the investigation by quizzing the Smurl’s about their religious beliefs, the happiness of their family life, whether they had ever practiced Satanism, occultism, used a Ouija board or in any way invited the supernatural into their home. Then the Warren’s and Frueh explored the house, identifying the bedroom closet as the crossover point between the two sides of the duplex. The team said they detected the presence of 4 evil spirits. 3 were minor but the fourth was a demon.

With no evidence of family dysfunction, occult invitation or tragedy, the Warren’s surmised that the demon must have been dormant, possibly for decades. According to the Warren’s it had arisen to draw on the emotional energy generated by the Smurl’s daughter’s onset of puberty.

The Warren’s tried twice to provoke the demon to expose itself by playing tapes of religious music and confronting it with prayer. The demon reacted by violently shaking a mirror and dresser drawers and yet another instance by spelling out “You filthy bastard, get out of this house.” Only Holy water and prayer seemed to stop the manifestations.

The actions of the Warren’s seemed only to make the situation even worse, Jack Smurl was raped by a succubus (a female demon) whilst alone at the property. The succubus was described as an old woman with a young body, her eyes were red and her gums were green. Several days later Janet claims to have been sexually assaulted by a shadowy humanoid figure, she recalled hearing pig noises (a sign of serious demonic infestation) coming from within the bedroom walls.

When the Smurl’s attempts to involve the Roman Catholic Church for help failed the Warren’s brought in Father (now Bishop) McKenna, a traditionalist priest who said mass in Latin and had performed more than 50 exorcisms for the Warren’s. He conducted the ancient rite which did nothing but infuriate the demon.

After the failure of the Warren’s to quell the poltergeist activity the Smurl’s invited a medium, Mary Alice Rinkman, who visited the house and corroborated the Warren’s findings of 4 spirits. She identified one as an elderly woman named Abigail and another as a dark, moustached man named Patrick who had murdered his wife and her lover. Patrick had then been lynched by a mob. She could not identify the third but the fourth was a powerful demonic presence.

McKenna performed a second exorcism in late spring but the haunting continued even attempts to escape the haunting were also unsuccessful. The family was followed on a camping trip; and Jack Smurl was even having paranormal experiences at work. In desperation, the family decided to turn to the media for help. The resulting press coverage opened the floodgates, and the Smurl’s home became a tourist attraction, press magnet, and forum for skeptics.

After repeated refusals by the church to help, Jack Smurl decided to appear on television. Remaining anonymous behind a screen, they were interviewed by Richard Bey on a local Philadelphia show called “People are Talking.” Immediately after returning home the demon retaliated. It levitated Janet and then hurled her against the wall. Later that night Janet was throttled and thrown about by invisible forces, whilst Jack was raped by a monstrous creature resembling a pig on two legs.

After repeated refusals by the Church to become involved, the media coverage finally motivated the Scranton diocese to offer an investigation into the Smurl’s case. A third exorcism performed by Father McKenna brought a stop to the activity. In December 1986, however, after only 3 months of freedom from the torture, Jack saw a dark form beckoning to him. He clutched his rosary and prayed, hoping this was simply an isolated incident. It was not, the banging started again, as well as the putrid smells and violent poltergeist activity.

Frustrated, tired, and hopeless, the Smurl’s moved to another town, shortly before the release of a book concerning their ordeal, “The Haunted”, went to press. The church performed a fourth exorcism in 1988, which finally seemed to have brought peace to the property. A movie version of “The Haunted” was released in 1991.