I personally stopped Trick-Or-Treating when I turned 18 -- not because anyone refused to give me candy, but because I just started to feel weird doing it... I went out that night but I ended up calling it quits half-way through because of the weirdness... I ended up enjoying staying home and giving out candy way more tho. Seeing all the little kids dressed up enjoying my favorite holiday was just the best! But I don't think you're too old to trick-or-treat until you FEEL too old.

That makes sense. I guess stopping when you feel you should works. It’s great that you keep the halloween spirit alive by handing out candy. I love seeing all the adorable kiddie costumes and the odd amazing adult one

I love trick or treating! I haven't been in a few years, because I've usually been working, but I went when I was 18! When people said, "Aren't you a little old to be trick or treating?" I just replied, "Well, it's better than egging your house, right?"

Bahahaha that’s an excellent response!

I'm 25 years old and I still go Trick-or-Treating! Most people love seeing us get so into it. Nobody said it's just for kids!

That’s true, it’s kind of like one of those unwritten ‘rules’ that after the age of like, 12 you just don’t go trick-or-treating anymore. I challenge every single one of my followers to go this year :D

Due to being taller than average, I often ran into problems trick-or-treating when I was younger. Often I was turned away by the older crowd because there was no way I was 6 foot and 10-years-old. Now as an adult, I don't discriminate, nor should anyone else, for all they know, you're just tall for your age.

aww that’s a sad story! That is really tall for a 10 year old 0_o 

I am a college student. Last year I was a clown from outer space. The best thing ever is to knock on doors on students who go to the same school as you and see them desperately search for candy to give. One time I got a can of peaches and a can of beans.

Haha! That’s awesome. I love that everyone gets into the spirit of Hallowe’en

My friends and I trick or treated well into high school and had a blast doing it, even though some people refused to give us candy or would turn their lights off when they saw us coming!

Hah! When I was in college I had people from highschool come to my house. My mom told me to turn the lights off or refuse them candy but I gave them candy for being so awesome and for being brave enough to still trick-or-treat!

Hear hear!! Let’s start a movement!

If you’re asking this question then you might be too old. Personally though I think it sucks that we can’t trick-or-treat until we die. I mean, it’s only dressing up in costume and asking for candy… why does that mean we only have to be a small child? I say keep going! Do what you want! 

AHHHH! you got me good.